In the August of 1888, in the dark and narrow streets and poorly lit alleyways of the worst slums in London's East End, a killer struck . . . his knife cold and merciless to his victims, his butchery so savage and unimaginable the like of which the world had never seen. . . .

. At least five unfortunate women fell victim to his attacks and, some say, as many as eight. . .

..Even today over one hundred years later his name and his identity are still as shrouded in mystery as the very fogs that once descended and blanketed the dimly lit streets of London

     The place : Whitechapel ...

        The Killer : ..





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       The Whitechapel Ripper

Martha Tabram
Annie Chapman
Elizabeth Stride
Catharine Eddowes
Mary Ann Nichols
Mary Jane Kelly
Frances Coles
Alice McKenzie