The Whitechapel Ripper

Martha Tabram

Mary Ann Nichols

Annie Chapman

Elizabeth Stride

Catharine Eddowes

Mary Jane Kelly

Alice McKenzie

    Frances Coles

Born: 1865

Place of Birth: London

Maiden Name: Coles

Married: Unmarried

Children: None known

Murdered: Friday morning 13th February 1891. Her body was found at approximately 2.15 am.

The last of the so-called "Ripper Scares" was attributed to Frances Coles. Her body was found by P.C Thompson on patrol on his own for the first time. He had been in the police force for only two months. The sight he saw troubled him for the rest of his days. It may be possible that Thompson disturbed the murderer as a man was heard to be moving away when the young patrolman found Frances' body in Swallow Gardens.

         She was first thrown down violently to the ground….The knife passed the throat three times -- first from left to right, then from right to left, and once more from left to right….one incision in the skin but two openings in the larynx….The body was tilted at the moment the wound was inflicted in a manner so that the killer would avoid becoming bloodstained...Her clothes were in order, and there were no abdominal mutilations...The killer exhibited no anatomical skill.

             If P.C. Thompson had given pursuit could he have captured the murderer? Is it possible that had he done so he may have apprehended Jack The Ripper? Standing orders permitted he stay with the victim and that is exactly what P. C Thompson did until Frances died.

There were no more Ripper-style killings after 1891.

The Metropolitan Police files on the Whitechapel murders was never officially closed.

Jack The Ripper had gone.

His legacy would live on .