Whitechapel and Spitalfields had throughout the 1800's been extremely poor and criminous districts. An area of dirt and filth where prostitution and crime flourished amongst the masses of immigrants and the poor that had been forced into this overcrowded area by urban redevelopement

Jews, Russians, Poles. All were drawn into the Whitchapel area where colonies of Eastern europeans already existed.

By and large these areas grew and became law abiding yet these same areas forced more and more into the squalid, narrow and dimly lit streets and alleys that were already rife with prostitution and crime.

   Naturally such conditions bred suspicion and contempt of the authorities. The fledgling CID was but 10 years old and ill-equipped to deal with what was to come.

   The Whitechapel murderer had chosen his hunting ground well. 

      Hanbury Street

            Mitre Square

       The Whitechapel District 1888

  George Yard


  "The Juwes are

   The men That

             Will not

    be Blamed

         for nothing" 

"They've captured Leather Apron now, if guilty you'll agree; he'll have to meet a murderer's doom, and hang upon a tree"

  Whitechapel 1888

       The Whitechapel Ripper