Born: 10th May 1849

Place of Birth: Southwark

Maiden Name: White

Married: Henry Samuel Tabram December 25th 1869

Children: Frederick John Born February 1871

                 Charles Henry Born December 1872

Murdered: Tuesday morning 8th August 1888. Her body was found at approximately 4.45am.

On the first floor landing of George Yard Buildings, Whitechapel the body of Martha Tabram was found. She lay on her back with her tightly clenched hands at her sides, a pool of blood beneath her and her dishevelled clothes raised to expose the lower part of her body. She had been viciously stabbed 39 times. There had been no sign of a struggle, no weapon had been found and no clue as to the murderers identity had been left at the scene.

    Martha had been murdered where she had been discovered as no trace of blood had been found on the stairs leading to the landing and, in what was to become a grisly aspect of the Whitechapel Murders no one had heard a sound even though there were people sleeping in their rooms only twelve feet away.

    The inquest revealed that there were 22 stab wounds to the trunk of the body, "the left lung was penetrated in five places, and the right lung in two…the heart was penetrated in one…the liver was penetrated in five places… the spleen was penetrated in two places… the stomach in six…the lower portion of the body in one…death was due to hemorrhage and loss of blood."

     Martha was 39 years old when she was killed……and a prostitute.

        "It was one of the most dreadful murders anyone could imagine…the man must have been a perfect savage to inflict such a number of wounds on a  defenceless woman in such a way."

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