Born: 26th August 1845

Place of Birth: Shoe Lane (off Fleet Street)

Maiden Name: Walker

Married: William Nichols 16th January 1864

Children: Edward John Born 1866

                  Percy George Born 1868

                  Alice Esther Born 1870

                  Eliza Sarah Born 1876

                  Henry Alfred Born 1878 

Murdered: Friday morning 31st August 1888. Her body was found at approximately 3.40am.

Mary Ann "Polly" Nichols, murdered in Buck's Row, a narrow, cobbled street on August 31, 1888.

Her throat had been slashed so deeply the head was nearly severed.  

Her abdomen had been savagely ripped open from the breast bone, and her intestines were exposed.

Again it appeared that Mary had been killed where she was found yet no-one living nearby had heard a sound.

Her skirts were raised and her hands lay by her side.

The inquest stated that "her throat had been cut from left to right...the windpipe, gullet and spinal cord being cut through...the abdomen had been cut open from centre of bottom of ribs along right side, under pelvis to left of the stomach....two small stabs on private parts...death being almost instantaneous"

No tracks or markings had been found on the cobbles of Buck's Row.

Mary is considered by many to be the actual first victim of the murderer that came to be known as Jack The Ripper. 

Martha Tabram

Annie Chapman

Elizabeth Stride

Catharine Eddowes

Mary Jane Kelly

Alice McKenzie

Frances Coles

  Mary Ann Nichols     

       The Whitechapel Ripper

  "And now poor Mary Nichols' death relating

       In Buck's Row, Whitechapel there did lie

         While in the dark her body lay awaiting

           And no one there to see that poor soul die."