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Annie Chapman

Born: September 1841

Place of Birth: London

Maiden Name: White

Married: John Chapman 1st May 1869

Children: Emily Ruth Born 1870

                  Annie Georgina Born 1873

                  John Born 1880

Murdered: Saturday morning 8th September 1888. Her body was found at approximately 5.45am.

Annie Chapman, known to her friends as "Dark Annie," was a pathetic woman, living at common lodging houses when she had the money for a night's lodging, otherwise roaming the streets in search of clients to earn a little money for drink, shelter and food. She suffered from depression and alcoholism, she did crochet work and sold flowers.

There was no evidence...of a struggle having taken place.

The abdomen had been entirely laid open: the intestines, severed ... had been lifted out of the body and placed on the shoulder of the corpse; whilst from the pelvis, the uterus and its appendages with the upper portion of the vagina and the posterior two thirds of the bladder, had been entirely removed. No trace of these parts could be found ...Obviously the work was that of an expert- of one, at least, who had such knowledge of anatomical or pathological examinations as to be enabled to secure the pelvic organs with one sweep of the knife...The appearance of the cuts confirmed that the instrument, like the one which divided the neck, had been of a very sharp character.

        The murder occurred at 29 Hanbury Street.

"The mode in which the knife had been used seemed to

indicate great anatomical knowledge."

The Murder Scene

       The Whitechapel Ripper