The Whitechapel Ripper

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Elizabeth Stride

Born: 27th November 1843

Place of Birth: Torslanda, Sweden

Maiden Name: Gustafsdotter

Married: John Thomas Stride 7th March 1869

Children: No official record exists.

Murdered: Sunday morning 30th September 1888. Her body was found at approximately 1.00 am.

Elizabeth Stride's body was found by Louis Diemshutz as he turned into the gateway of Dutfields Yard. "Long Liz" as she was known, was an habitual drinker who had been arrested many times for being drunk and disorderly. To earn money she sometimes sold herself as a prostitute. The inquest reported:

      "The neck and chest were quite warm, as were also the legs, and the face was slightly warm. The hands were cold. The right hand was open and on the chest, and was smeared with blood. The left hand, lying on the ground, was partially closed, and contained a small packet of cachous (breath sweeteners) wrapped in tissue paper.

      "The appearance of the face was quite placid. In the neck there was a long incision ..commenced on the left side, 2 ˝ inches below the angle of the jaw, and almost in a direct line with it, nearly severing the vessels on that side, cutting the windpipe completely in two, and terminating on the opposite side..."

      It is highly probable that Diemshutz interrupted the Ripper and it is also speculated that the murderer hid in the shadows  as Diemshutz went for help.

      Sunday Morning, 30th September 1888 was to be known as the day of the "Double Event".

      Just 44 minutes later the second of this days' victims was found……….. 

  "We're all up to no good, and no one cares what becomes of us.

                 Perhaps some of us will be killed next!."