The Whitechapel Ripper

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   Catharine Eddowes

Born: 14th April 1842

Place of Birth: Graisley Green, Wolverhampton

Maiden Name: Eddowes

Married: Common Law: Thomas Conway 20 years.

                  Lived with John Kelly from 1881

Children: 3.. One girl and Two boys

Murdered: Sunday morning 30th September 1888. Her body was found at approximately 1.44 am.

The second victim of the "Double Event", Kate as she was commonly known lived quite happily with Conway but during their drinking bouts he beat her. Kate was also an habitual drinker and it was her excessiveness that eventually led Conway to leave her.  Kate and John Kelly had returned to London from a time away hop-picking only 3 days prior to her murder. It has been suggested that Kate indulged in casual prostitution although her friends denied this.

      The inquest stated : " The intestines had been detached to a large extent  about two feet of the colon was cut away...The peritoneal lining  was cut through and the left kidney carefully taken out and removed. The left renal artery was cut through. I should say that someone who knew the position of the kidney must have done it...The womb was cut through horizontally, leaving a stump of ¾ of an inch. The rest of the womb had been taken away with some of the ligaments. The vagina and cervix of the womb was uninjured.

      "The face was very much mutilated. There was a cut about ¼ of an inch through the lower left eyelid dividing the structures. The right eyelid was cut through to about ½ inch. There was a deep cut over the bridge of the nose extending from the left border of the nasal bone down near to the angle of the jaw of the right side. The tip of the nose was quite detached from the nose."

         Several other cuts were sustained on the face, plus the right ear lobe had been completely severed and had fallen from her clothing when she was taken to the morgue.

" I have come back to earn the reward offered for the apprehension of the

   Whitechapel murderer…….."

        " Mind he doesn't murder you too…."

                "Oh, no fear of that…"