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   Mary Jane Kelly

Born: 1863

Place of Birth: Limerick, Ireland

Maiden Name: Kelly

Married: Welshman named Davies 1879

Children: Possibly one from her marriage to Davies

Murdered: Friday morning 9th November 1888. Her body was found at approximately 10.45 am.

Probably the most gruesome of the Whitechapel murders, that of Mary Kelly remains the most macabre.  Mary had moved to London from Wales in 1884. She was the youngest of the known Ripper victims at 25. She owed back rent for her lodging in the tiny room at 13 Millers Court and it was Thomas Bowyer, calling to collect the rent, who found her mutilated corpse. Mary had returned to prostitution to obtain the money needed to pay off the arrears.

         The inquest reported that :  The body was lying naked in the middle of the bed...The whole of the surface of the abdomen and thighs was removed and the abdominal cavity emptied of its viscera…..The breasts were cut off, the arms mutilated by several jagged wounds and the face hacked beyond recognition of the features... The tissues of the neck were severed all round down to the bone….The viscera were found in various parts : the uterus and kidneys with one breast under the head, the other breast by the right foot, the liver between the feet, the intestines by the right side and the spleen by the left side of the body. The flaps removed from the abdomen and thighs were on a table….the nose, cheeks, eyebrows, and ears being partly removed...Both breasts were more or less removed by circular incisions, the muscle down to the ribs being attached to the breasts….The skin and tissues of the abdomen from the costal arch to the pubes were removed in three large flaps. The right thigh was denuded in front to the bone, the flap of skin, including the external organs of generation, and part of the right buttock. The left thigh was stripped of skin fascia, and muscles as far as the knee…

         Mary's heart had been removed and was never found……

      "I hope it will be a fine day tomorrow, ……….

                 ……… I want to go to the Lord mayor's Show."