The Whitechapel Ripper

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  Alice McKenzie

Born: 1849 approx.

Place of Birth: Peterborough

Maiden Name: McKenzie

Married: Unmarried with John McCormack

Children: None known

Murdered: Early morning 17th July 1889. Her body was found at approximately 00.50 am.

Although not "officially" classified as a canonical Whitechapel murder victim there are enough similarities to establish Alice as an "unofficial" victim. Alice had lived in London for some 15 years. As in the other victims Alice drank heavily and was known as a prostitute. Yet again no one heard any sound at all even though one witness interviewed lay awake reading in her room overlooking Castle Alley ( off Whitechapel High Street ) even as the murder was taking place.

         Cause of death from severance of the left carotid artery…. Two stabs in the left side of the neck 'carried forward in the same skin wound.' ……..Some bruising on chest...Five bruises or marks on left side of abdomen....A long (seven-inch) 'but not unduly deep' wound from the bottom of the left breast to the navel….Seven or eight scratches beginning at the navel and pointing toward the genitalia….Small cut across the mons veneris.

        Dr. Phillips believed there was a degree of anatomical knowledge necessary to have committed the atrocities to McKenzie.

        The severing of the left carotid artery is consistent with previous Ripper murders, although the canonical five were murdered with much deeper and longer injuries which cut down to the spinal column. McKenzie suffered only two jagged wounds on the left side which were no longer than four inches a piece and had left the air passages untouched.

        The police were inclined to believe that the murderer was the same man as the notorious Jack The Ripper some 8 months earlier. It has been suggested that the murderer had "lain low" during this time until the police patrols had been scaled down.

" She went out drinking and he never saw her alive again"